Don't Let One Mistake Wreck Your Life

Don't Let One Mistake Wreck Your Life

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You went to a friend's party, had a few drinks and decided to drive yourself home. But you didn't get far down the road before a police officer pulled you over. There's no need to panic-Christine A. Koehler Attorney at Law is here to help. After reviewing the facts, Christine Koehler will use any discrepancies or shortcomings in the case to build a persuasive DUI defense.

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Fight for the best possible results

As soon as you saw the blue lights flashing in your rearview mirror, you knew you were in trouble. But a skilled DUI lawyer can help you minimize the consequences of your actions.
You can count on attorney Christine Koehler to explain your options. She'll work tirelessly in an effort to:

  • Reduced the license implications
  • Reduce a potential jail sentence
  • Work hard to get the best result possible

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